Saturday, January 28, 2012

Breakfast: Fried Eggs, Bacon, Cabbage, Chia Seeds and Scallions

I'm a low-carber from way back.  LOL  "Way back" being April 2002.  I lost about 60 pounds in under a year following the Atkins program.  I was a serious carb-nazi!  Then I got pregnant with our third child and gained it all back and then some.  I recommitted to low-carbing after my 40th birthday in 2010.  Facebook pics that friends posted of me were the "inspiration".  <<<SIGH>>>   Gotta start somewhere, right?  So fast forward to now and I'm down 56 pounds and back on track after a Christmas break of slogging around in the proverbial carb overload.

The most common question is "what do you eat for breakfast if you can't have cereal?".  My honest answer is pretty boring.   "Eggs"  Dead silence....then you get that glazed or surprised look that says either that I'm crazy or boring.  Eh...I'm okay with that.  I probably AM boring, but I don't think eggs are boring, I think cereal is boring and kinda gross.  Have you taken a look-see at the ingredient list on most cereal boxes?  I don't think this breakfast was dull at all.

I admit I did have to get used to the look of the black Chia seeds, although I like the look of them now.  I do find that when I add more Chia seeds into my diet I tend to lose weight more consistently.  The only drawback is that they get in your teeth and you need to brush and floss afterwards.  They're so good for you, I figure it's worth the extra step.  I bought mine years ago from .  One of the great things about chia vs. flax is that chia seeds last FOREVER!!!  Unlike flax which seems to go rancid the second I buy it!  I hid my cabbage shreds underneath my bacon, I love the crunch.  Truth be told, I try to incorporate alot of shredded cabbage into my daily meals.  It's almost flavorless and gives a nice crunch and bulk to the meals to fill me up.  I try to shred a bunch at once and keep it in a baggie in my fridge.  For some reason if I have to go to the effort to pull out the head of cabbage and cut some off each time, I won't do it.

So technically this is JUST eggs and bacon, but to me it's a great start to my "on plan" day.


  1. Looks yummy, except I like my eggs a little more cooked than this. :-) I didn't realize chia seeds were such an advantage when trying to lose weight. What do they do that helps you lose? Do you know?

  2. I usually cook my eggs a little more too, but didn't flip because they'd look prettier sunny side up. LOL

    As far as the losing weight thing.... I'm not really sure. It could be that when I remember to use it, I'm monitoring my food intake better and eating better quality fats and proteins overall. It could be that it swells somewhat in my stomach and makes me more full. I just know that when I'm looking to break a plateau I start adding Chia seeds to at least 1 meal/day and within a few days, I'm on the other side.