Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mexican Kale Chips

I've read so many posts about kale chips lately.  I figured it was high time I tried my hand at it.  I was looking for them to be sturdy enough to eat with guacamole.   Yeah, that's not gonna happen.  They are too brittle and crisp for that, but they were REALLY good.  I mean, like I could eat the whole pan by myself good!

I washed the kale and put it in the salad spinner to get off as much water as possible.  You could use a paper towel to squeeze out the water if you want to.

I mixed up a pinch of cumin, garlic powder, salt and Mexican oregano and put it in with the spoonful of coconut oil I was melting on the stove.  I didn't leave it in for long, just a minute or two to infuse the flavors of the spices into the oil.  Don't go overboard on the spices as the flavors will intensify as the kale shrinks and dries.

I laid them all out on a baking sheet at cooked at 170 degrees (as low as my oven would go) for one hour.  Flipped the kale over and made sure nothing was getting brown.  Left them in the warm oven to sit for 30 minutes.  Cooked them again at 170 degrees for another hour.
perfectly crispy kale chips

I just had to hold up a crispy piece of kale
to show how green it still is.  So pretty!

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